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As a Coach, leader and educator Justine is dedicated to helping others accelerate their learning and increase their performance. Her training in the ICF accredited methods of the ITS Mastering the Coach Approach, matched with over twenty years in the field of education, act as a positive and creative force that challenges clients to move from intention to action. She excels in working with different people on different journeys and creating that universal spark of the joy of success. Whether you are embarking on a career change, leadership growth, business development or a new personal journey, Justine ​will be beside you, helping you discover the inner resources that will move you forward.

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SElf Coaching Techniques

Gain self-knowledge, skills and strategies to coach yourself through life's challenges and opportunities. Explore how to have more control over your thoughts and feelings, improve relationships or tackle issues from the past. Gain life-long tools to move yourself forward through your life, your way.

Career goals &

professional development

Clarify your skills and passions and enhance your navigation of the job market. Together we will pinpoint your challenges, help you to break down your goals and define what success looks like to you. Plan your professional growth and explore obstacles and opportunities for success.


Life decisions

Engage in fulfilling your potential in all aspects of your life; such as health, relationships, character, career, finances or parenting. At the outset, this might involve identifying achievable goals, and prioritising your criteria for a good life. From there you will build a strategy (with motivational accountability built in) that will take you where you want to be. 

Aspiring Leaders

Explore your own leadership potential addressing areas such as motivation, personal productivity and effectiveness, communication and team dynamics. Test your approach to problem solving and conflict resolution in the confidential, open, non-judgmental context of coaching. 

Teachers,  Educators

As your Instructional Coach and critical friend, I will listen with insight and understanding of challenges and concerns from the classroom, school or university. I am able to push your development as an educator through laser-focused questions based on my twenty years of experience in the education sector at a leadership, policy and classroom level. 


"Justine is adept at helping diverse individuals to focus their ideas, channel their collective wisdom into action and work together to discover their common and unique strengths in a climate of mutual respect and optimism.  She demonstrated and applied her excellent listening and facilitation skills when leading Thought Club, a group of educators she brought together to grow and learn."

"I trusted Justine immediately and therefore was able to talk about some deep fears I'd never spoken about before that were blocking me in having a more intimate and fulfilling relationship with my partner. With her guidance and coaching she helped me understand myself better with insightful questions she asked with true compassion. I am so grateful for her and recommend her highly for anyone interested in personal growth."

"Justine is the perfect person to coach you through life's twists and
turns. Justine would listen to my rambling and disjointed thoughts and hone in on the key points to help me determine the next steps. She would always ask thought-provoking questions and guide reflection in a productive and positive manner. You're always in control - she's never
preachy or prescriptive. She’s mastered the perfect balance of
accountability with kind support - exactly what you need in a coach!"

"Justine understands the importance and necessity of listening, guiding and supporting others on their learning journeys.  Her belief in the power of reflective thinking, personal resilience and openness to new ideas inspires others to reach for excellence."


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This week I look at Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques which inspire the self-coaching strategy of "self-modelling": using your own patterns of success to overcome your weaknesses...

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