Get to Know Me
and My Approach

Justine Hitchcock

Mastering the Coach Approach

(ITS Certification Programme)

As a Coach, leader and educator I am dedicated to helping others accelerate their learning and increase their performance. My training in the ICF accredited methods of the ITS Mastering the Coach Approach, along with my use of NLP strategies, act as a positive and creative force that challenge my clients to move from intention to action.

These key beliefs fuel my coaching relationships:

  • every behaviour is useful in some context - the key is to look at behaviours through a frame of curiosity, not judgement.

  • there is no failure, only feedback

  • all the wisdom and capability is within each of us, waiting to be discovered and applied

  • our deeper experience is revealed in our language whenever we speak

  • I am in the business of creating self-reflexive awareness: my job is to hold the space and reflect it back, so my client can see what is happening

  • my primary role is as an advocate for the client's goals and wishes


Insights, possibilities, action.

As a Coach my goal is to serve your needs. The goal of our coaching relationship is to bring about the kind of sustainable change you want for yourself. Our coaching conversations will help by connecting you more consciously with what you feel, what you know and what you do. While I follow the clear and structured format of the "ITS Coach Approach" (ICF affiliated programme), and employ NLP techniques within that structure, no two sessions are ever the same. Each session we start fresh on the next steps in your journey.

In our coaching sessions you will not be told what to do or how to do it. I believe that you actually have the answers within you - my job is to ask the right questions that will draw them out. You will bring me blockages to resolve, projects and plans to develop, and fears to overcome. I will not outline solutions, and I rarely give advice: instead, I will guide you through the process of developing your own solutions, and offer the kind of questions that lead you to build your own wisdom.

My goal is to work myself out of a job - our journey will be at an end when you independently self explore and have become your own coach. My ultimate aim is to develop your self-awareness so you can determine what needs adjusting in your life and to help you achieve your personal goals at work and at home. Remember - you don't need me to be an expert in your area of business, context or life goal. The expertise I bring to our relationship is around the process of defining and working through obstacles and towards objectives, along with the techniques of reflective questioning and active listening. The expertise you bring to our relationship is your knowledge of yourself.