Leadership &

Professional Experience

International School of Düsseldorf
G4 Teacher
Collaborative Learning Space

Düsseldorf, Germany

August 2019 - present

As a Teacher within the Grade 4 collaborative learning space, I am lucky to be part of an innovative approach to teaching and learning, applying a successful collaborative model to an ever-changing learning environment. Each day, as a team, we discuss praxis, reflect on student outcomes and welfare, and plan student experiences through a collaborative approach to learning design.  Within my first year I designed a unique differentiation model which was embraced by my colleagues and has enhanced both our collaborative approach to the PYP inquiry process as well as individual student outcomes. My expertise has also contributed to the redesign of our space and timetable to ensure learning opportunities are maximised. 

My contribution to our team initiatives have included:

  • Alternating leadership of team meetings

  • Co-design of structures for recording and sharing student formative and summative assessment

  • Finding solutions to arising issues, such as communication of schedules, ensuring allocation of time for individual conferencing and recording student goals and progress.

  • Encouraging collegial reflection through questioning and positing alternative perspectives.



Common Core

Readers / Writers Workshop

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Cambridge Curriculum

New Zealand National Curriculum

Skills and Talents

Strategic Leader

Strong communicator

Collaborative Team Leader

Passionate Learner

Creative Thinker

Early Adopter

Puzzle Poser & Puzzle Solver

Researcher, Writer & Presenter

Tokyo, Japan

August 2017 - July 2019

Teacher Leader
Thinking and Innovation
G3 Teacher

In the role of Teacher Leader: Thinking and Innovation, I led faculty in the development of policies and practices that improved student outcomes in thinking and innovation.

In this role I successfully:​​

  • increased the use of inquiry approaches through instructional coaching

  • introduced and shared Visible Thinking tools as a 'quick win' in the introduction of creative and critical thinking modes and strategies into daily classroom programmes

  • led teacher and parent workshops on the infusion of brain theory into the curriculum 

  • established baseline data in the use of assessment tools in the area of creative thinking,

  • initiated a ‘Thought Club’ for teachers to share their professional thinking and to support each other in trialling innovative approaches to classroom practice,

  • established an online Google Classroom environment for teachers to share and challenge their learning 


Semarang, Indonesia

July 2013 – June 2017:

For four years I was employed as Principal for a community-run international school in Central Java.  This role involved:​

  • management, leadership and professional guidance for 35 staff, including appraisal and employment contract management

  • responsibility for the education of just over 100 children,

  • oversight of the implementation of three curricula models:

    • International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC),

    • Cambridge Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Secondary 1,

    • Indonesian National Curriculum,

  • direct reporting to an elected board of parents on academic standards, student welfare and staffing.

  • leading the recruitment process for all staff; administration and faculty.

  • budget management with the goal of increasing financial reserves to be used for future building projects

  • contribution to and participation in school marketing and PR campaigns


My successes in this position included:

  • significant reduction in staff turnover,

  • roll growth of over 30%,

  • authorship of a ten year strategic plan, which will see the opening of a new high school facility,

  • leading staff through professional growth in the area of literacy, which led to programme development and increased student outcomes,

  • review of the policies and procedures in line with changes in Indonesian laws,

  • continuous student success in international exams: school average is above the average in International Student Assessment for every grade in every subject,

  • upgrade of the school’s pedagogical use of technology, including the introduction of a Bring Your Own Device policy and electronic whiteboards into classrooms,

  • upgrade of the school’s administration systems including movement to online rather than paper-based filing, communication and enrollment systems.


I led a team of mixed ethnicities and religions, ensuring they received individualised professional development and enjoyed a collaborative, inspiring work environment.  I kept an ‘open-door’ office, welcoming parents and staff with opportunities to share their ideas and questions, and took an active part in building a successful school community.

New Zealand 
Ministry of 

Wellington, New Zealand

Jan 2013 – July 2013:


During this short-term contract before moving overseas, I assisted the Learning Channels team in the review of school publications contracts.  I oversaw procurement processes for resources such as The School Journal, a review of the Ready to Read series and contributed to consultation around the development of curriculum support for schools. This work required an understanding of the procurement process including budget analysis and contract negotiation.  Such decisions were based on careful consideration of maximum educational value within funding restrictions.

Te Whare
Wananga o

Auckland, New Zealand

Jan 2011 – Dec 2012


At this indigenous university I lectured on both the BEd programme, on papers dealing with curriculum implementation, as well as on the Education Elective papers for a pre-degree bridging programme (Ako ki te Wananga). I was responsible for the development of these elective papers, ensuring compliance with Academic Board and NZQA regulations. This role demonstrated my ability to evaluate, develop and deliver a quality academic programmes, mentor and support students with a history of failure in mainstream schooling, and contribute actively to professional research. I was also responsible for supporting teachers and trainees during teacher placement practicums.

Wellington, New Zealand

Jan 2008 – July 2010


In my role as principal of a small inner-city school I successfully:

  • managed a primary school of thirty-one students, four teachers and four auxiliary staff,

  • lead the implementation of two curricula models:

    • The New Zealand Curriculum,

    • School-based special character Jewish/Hebrew Studies curriculum,

  • ensured religious diversity, cultural diversity, and diversity in learning needs were each catered for effectively and respectfully,

  • negotiated differing funding structures and managed the school budget to ensure learning opportunities were maximised within financial restrictions.

  • gained a positive Education Review Office report (thus reversing the school’s past negative reviews).

  • initiated the New Zealand Children's Holocaust Memorial Button Project, which saw the successful collection of 1.5 million buttons through a transdisciplinary student-led project.  This project became a show-piece for the school and attracted positive attention from NZ Prime Ministers and the media. It has been continued by alumni and the community and has now become a public memorial currently touring national libraries and museums. 

New Zealand
Ministry of Education
Team Leader: Curriculum 

Wellington, New Zealand

Jan 2004 – June 2007

In my initial role as Senior Advisor: Gifted and Talented, I was responsible for the design, administration, budget management, and evaluation of the government's NZ$12m Gifted and Talented Initiatives Funding Pool.

After my promotion to the position of manager, I lead a team of six project-managers who worked on similarly funded initiatives within the Ministry of Education.  This required in-depth knowledge of public sector systems, budget management, personnel management and client relationship management. Experiences within the role included selecting, contracting and evaluating projects funded by the Ministry, along with forming and facilitating expert consultation groups to provide advice to the Ministry. I was also part of a team which lead consultation with public groups on the development of the revised New Zealand curriculum, specifically the co-construction of a set of 'Key Competencies' based on the OECD's work in this area. Further consultation work included providing professional development for schools and parent groups and informing interest groups of funding and policy changes .

College of

Auckland, New Zealand

Feb 2001 – Jan 2004

I lectured on a number of papers for the Bachelor of Education programme, including Professional Inquiry and practicum papers. I supported two 'homeroom' classes of trainee teachers and supervised their teaching placement practicums. I was also involved in the development of a 3rd year level paper in Special Education, my focus being programme differentiation for gifted students.

Yr 3/4 
Target Rd

Auckland, New Zealand

Jan 1998 – Dec 2000

In this role I fulfilled all the responsibilities of a New Zealand primary school teacher.  I taught Yr3/4 students (ages 7 – 9 years) in all the core curriculum subjects. I was responsible for all planning, classroom management and assessment for classes of around 30 students.



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